The Scheduler™ v11

Professional Appointment Scheduling

The demo version of The Scheduler™ v11 is available for Mac OSX 10.4.11 or higher and Windows XP SP3 and higher!

The Scheduler™ has gotten a major facelift and has been completely rewritten into FileMaker Pro 11! The best features are:

Here are several screen shots from the Appointments Module of The Scheduler™ (and PracticeMaker®). This is called the "Single Day" view.

Single Day View

The calendar is a perpetual calendar that will be different for each user on the network. To see the details of an appointment all you do is click on the time and the information appears in the Appointment's Details section.

The screen below is called the Full Week view and shows a typical Monday to Friday schedule. There is another for view for Monday to Saturday and yet another for Sunday to Saturday (for you true workaholics)!

Single Day View

Other Features of The Scheduler™

You can use patient demographics, recall dates, birth dates and customizable fields to do custom searches and create mailing list, client recalls, and more! Below is a screen shot of the Patient (or Client) demographics screen. Notice the list that displays all this patient's visits that are currently in the Appointments module.

Single Day View


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