PracticeMaker® 13+

Medical Office Software for Macintosh and Windows

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Patient Management with PracticeMaker® 13+

The Patient’s database is really the hub of our software's operations. All information about a patient, their phone numbers, future and past appointments, linked providers and contacts, insurance records and invoices, is available on a clean tabbed, interface!

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Electronic Claims System

PracticeMaker® has been sending electronic claims directly to insurance companies, like Medicare and The Blues, since 1994. We are current with the newest ANSI X12 5010 formats for the sending of claims and receiving of claim information, including the 999, 277CA, 837 and 835 formats.

  • The electronic claims system can capture nearly 100% of your errors!
  • All electronic claims components are located in one file, making updating as easy as drop and go!
  • The full version of PracticeMaker® includes electronic claims and the setup and testing of your first connection (Medicare or Blue Shield if available in your state). Each additional connection has a one time $225 charge per provider!

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Comprehensive Billing System

The PracticeMaker® billing engine is an award winner product. It is constantly being tweaked to improve its ability to capture errors, warn you about outdated referrals, wrong modifiers and more!

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System Requirements

Regardless of the platform these requirements are absolute:

  • The host or server computer MUST not use wireless networking. It must be hard wired to your network and you must use a network "switch" not just a hub. Most cable/DSL routers have integrated switches.
  • If you are using the software peer-to-peer the host machine MUST be loaded with RAM and the hard drive MUST be 7200 RPM. Slower 5400 RPM drives are absolutely NOT acceptable. It is up to the user to determine the correct configuration of their own computers.
  • Workstations can be wireless if FileMaker Server software is used, otherwise they MUST be hard wired to the network. Hard wiring is the "defacto standard" for the medical environment. If using wireless, you must employ 128 bit encryption!
  • The user must be familiar with the operating system of their computers. The user must know how to copy files, find files and use the file management system on their computer. For those users not familiar please take a computer course as our training does not include training on how to use a computer.
  • It is perfectly okay to use a Windows Server in a Macintosh environment and vice versa. The software is cross platform compatible.


The bottom line is we love with the Macintosh platform. Any Macintosh Computer can run our FileMaker Server software. Older PPC Macs are no longer supported! FileMaker Server 12 only runs on Intel processors.

  • If employing FileMaker Server 12, using regular OS X is OK. It is NOT necessary to use OS X Server. More information can be found here
  • If you are not using server software, the host computer must be loaded with RAM and a 7200 RPM hard drive. FileMaker Pro 11 must also be installed on the server computer for running updates.
  • Though FileMaker Pro 11 does run "native" on Intel-based Macs, and also works just fine on older PPC computers (G4 and G5, though Dual processors do have the edge, and load up on the RAM)


The Windows operating system works great with all our products. A Windows server with FileMaker Server WILL work perfectly well with Macintosh-computer workstations! We are total fans of HP Computers, especially the Touchsmart variety as workstations!

  • We only support Windows XP SP3 systems and higher. Vista and 7 have been just fine in our hands so far!
  • FileMaker Server 12 requires specific operating systems. These requirements can be found here

Specialties Using PracticeMaker®

PracticeMaker has features that complement the needs to many specialty practices.

Specialty Features Specific to this Specialty
Internal Medicine, Family Practice
  • Capitation check posting directly to accounting system
  • Flexible recall functions help insure accurate follow-up visits
  • Flexible recall functions can insure prompt immunizations
  • Link a nick name to the patient's record
  • Side-by-side appointment scheduling show up to 5 providers
Dermatology and Plastic Surgery
  • Store digital images using our add-on module!
  • Do internal marketing using detailed searches and custom letter printing
Ophthalmology and Optometry
  • Stores and print eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions
  • Optical Shop management software integrates to share patient data
ENT, General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Ob/Gyn
  • Easily create preoperative H&PE reports
  • Post-op instructions can be customized while talking to the patient
Hematology/Oncology,Pain management
  • Use the Quick Invoice™ system to create repetitive claims for chemotherapy or injections
Psychiatry, Psychology, Neurology
  • Easy side-by-side resource scheduling for multiple appointments

PracticeMaker® 12 Pricing

Below is a table of typical PracticeMaker®prices. In addition, the user will need to purchase FileMaker Pro 12 (as well as FileMaker 12 server) directly from FileMaker, Inc. There are several different methods to purchase FileMaker software, several with tight budgets in mind!

The information below is our pricing schema for Practicemaker®12! All installations are required to have a broad-band internet connection and the user needs to establish their own remote desktop regimen, for which we recommend the free version of LogMeIn.

  • A networked user system ($4700) with electronic claims ($1850), appointments ($800), letter writing ($500), and Level 1 support ($6600) would cost $15,950. Keep in mind that this includes training ($1500) and one year of software and hardware support.
  • Single workstation ($3000), with only electronic claims ($1850) and Level 2 support ($4600) with training ($1500) would cost $10950.***. Keep in mind that this includes training and one year of software-only support for a SINGLE workstation only system.
Feature Price (Our part number) Price Extended
PracticeMaker® 12 App files (#1038)(Networkable) $4700.00
PracticeMaker® 12 App files (#1434) (Single user only) $3000.00
Twelve hours of internet based training (#1202)*, required $1750.00 $1750.00
Appointments Module (#1039), optional $800.00
Electronic Claims Module (for two carriers)(#1041)** $1750.00
Letters Module (#1040) $500.00

Support Selection

You MUST select a one year technical support contract when you first purchase Practicemaker®. All users MUST have a broadband internet connection in order to purchase our software, there can be no exceptions.

The two Level 1 support types are the BEST! They include support with PracticeMaker® software, hardware compatibility troubleshooting, network setup assistance, internet and router setup assistance, and more!

Support Level 1 with electronic claims(#1372) $6600.00
Support Level 1 without electronic claims (#1378) $5600.00

The two Level 2 support types are for PracticeMaker® software only. Issues with hardware, networking, internet/router setup, etc., are billed at $175.00 per hour without exception.

Support Level 2 with electronic claims(#1140) $4600.00
Support Level 2 without electronic claims(#1138) $3750.00
Onsite training Please call

* We use (we have he license) or LogMeIn (the user gets the "free" version) to connect to either Mac or PC desktops!

** Electronic claims includes connection to Medicare. Our commercial claim clearinghouse is OfficeAlly which is located on the web at http://www.officeallycom. There is a one time setup and testing fee of $225 per provider and thereafter there are no per claim charges for participating carriers (discuss this with OfficeAlly). Office Ally has little or no charge for claim submission.

*** Level 2 support is for PracticeMaker® issues only. Support is not for hardware or other issues not directly related to the normal functioning of PracticeMaker®. Hardware support (printer, computer) is strictly between the user and the manufacturer of the hardware. Level 2 technical support does not include setting up your network either or resolving network issues. This is strictly up to your network installer. This technical support fee is for up to five workstations and includes all minor updates. Major updates will be charged at 50% of the selling price.