Optical Shop Software™ v11

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Features include:

Pricing and Optional Items and Services

Basic eye care paperless records

Comprehensive Patient Database

The Comprehensive Patient database (adapted from our award winning medical office software, PracticeMaker®) stores all important demographic information, from phone numbers to insurance information. Tabs organize information in concise sections! Notice the screen shot has patient count as over 40,000 records!

Procedures (Products) Database

This database contains a record of each product you sell, with its Charge, Equivalent CPT code (for insurance claim submission on paper) and field for the SKU/UPC . In the Inventory section there is a field for your Cost, for accurate profits reports, and fields telling you if you can apply a Discount to an item or if it is Taxable.

Farme Entry Screen with frame Image

Optical Record (Order) Entry

The order entry screen now has a clean, single screen design. Past prescription can easily be listed by clicking the blue Past Rx's button in the middle of the screen! Unlimited orders are displayed on one screen. To add a Frame to the order click the green + icon just upper left of the ordered items list.

Order Entry Screen

After adding a blank Frame entry, you can select a frame by simply clicking into the Code or UPC field and scanning ot typing in the code. You could also switch to the Previous Frame tab or to the Frame Selector tab to make a different choice.

New Frame Order

After a Frame item is complete, you can add a lens but just clicking the green +Lens icon on the same row. When you do the following screen pops up. Just as with ordering a Frame you have three methods of selecting a lens.

Many lens measurements, such as "Total Decentration", Above and Below, are automatically calculated for you depending on the patient's PD measurements, the Frame PD (A measure plus DBL) and Height.

Tinting is easily added to the order and you decide if you or the outside lab will do it.

If the Right lens is the same as the Left lens, just click the OD=OS button on the Frame line (here not seen because both lens have already been added to the order.

To add a payment to the order click the Add Payment button and complete the fields.

This gives you a brief overview of how an order is started and a payment posted.

Printing Reports

There are many reports available in Optical Shop Software™2010. Because of our built in security system, only certain users are capable of printing reports and/or printing vendor orders. The list of reports is as follows:

Reports Pane
  1. Daily Report: This creates a report of all goods sold and payments posted for a particular day. This report can show just one office prescriber or all providers in one report. For this report you need to select which provider (or use all) and the date.
  2. Accounts Receivable: This creates one of several different reports based on the presets you enter on screen.
  3. Vendor Orders: This creates and either prints or faxes your daily orders to your vendors. If your software is enabled to fax, then either choice is available, otherwise only the Print options functions.
  4. Income Report: This report shows your income and profits for a specified time period. This report can summarize just one provider, or show all combined activity. There are report Wizards that can help you clear or fill in your date fields.
  5. Insurance Payments: This report lists all payments flagged as “Insurance” and sorts them by the Insurance assigned to an invoice. You can select one Insurance.
  6. Items Sold: This report gives you details on how many of each item or service was sold during a specified time period.
  7. Job Totals: This report tallies up all the jobs and sorts them by Prescriber for the specified time period
  8. Patient Statements: This will print all patient statements that are flagged for printing. An invoice is "flagged" when the Print Status is set to "Batch".
  9. Paper Claims: This will print all insurance claims that are flagged for printing. An invoice is "flagged" when the Print Status is set to "Batch".
  10. Cost of Goods: This is the newest report to our system. It shows you exactly what the value of your inventory is at that moment in time. The report can be for all items or you can select just one (such as frames or lenses)!

FramesCD Link now available

Optical Shop Software™ now has the ability to import the contents of your FramesData CD "Frame board" into our Procedures module. This means not having to type in all the specifications, including the UPC, of the frames you want to sell. This feature will save you hours of data entry. This feature is available for a one time fee and does require a minimal amount of user setup.