The Dispenser™13

Prescription Labeling and Dispensing Software
using your own computer and medications

The Dispenser™13 is desktop computer software — not web based — which means you control the data — specifically designed for the labeling and dispensing of prescription pharmaceutical agents for appropriately licensed health professionals (physicians, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists). You supply the medications and our software creates the label and monitors your inventory. You do not purchase the medications from us!

The Dispenser™ runs on Windows 7 SP1 and higher and Macintosh 10.8 and higher computers. Labels are printed with a Dymo Labelwriter 400 or higher label printer and the software comes pre-formatted for three different label sizes to accommodate different prescription packaging. The "Demo" and "Single User" versions only print to one size label, that being the Dymo 30258 Diskette label (2-1/8" x 2-3/4"). The image below shows the patient entry screen. While the second image shows the prescription entry screen.

Features include

Add-on Features

The same Appointment Scheduler that is part of PracticeMaker® and The Scheduler™ can now be added to The Dispenser™ giving our software even more flexibility. This feature costs $600 extra.

To insure that prescriptions are printed to your LabelWriter and reports to your default full-page printer, out SetPrinter add-on feature will automatically switch your computer to the proper printer before printing and then back to the default printer ready for standard printing once again.

For those practices that dispense controlled medications, such as weight loss offices or pain management, The Dispenser™13 can create the upload file many states requires using the ASAP version 4.x. In Florida this is the E-FORCSE program and using version 4.1. In South Carolina as of January 2014 they use version 4.2. The cost for this feature is a one time fee of $599, and includes all testing and any additional programming needed for compliance (a full version of FileMaker Pro 13/14 is required in order to test and adapt the software to your specific environment).

Available Demos for Mac and PC

Use our contact form to request a demo. We will need to know if it is for Windows or Mac, and we will email you a link where you can download the demo. The demo is about 40MB. The manual is a separate download and link. We will only supply demos to email within the United States.

Pricing and Support