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This area has the latest manuals and important links to other features! Though designed for our current users, anyone can download any of these documents and use them to learn more about our software products and how they can help you take control of a healthcare or optical practice.

  1. Current users click here to download important files!
  2. Click here to get your IP address!
  3. Click on this link to view an Online NPI Lookup
  4. For those coming to our training center, here are directions
  5. To purchase the new HCFA|CMS 1500 Claim Form from the same supplier used by MedDB, LLC, Health Forms and Systems, Inc, click here please!. Then, scroll to the bottom of the online order form and select WCMS-1500-CS which is for 1 part laser and a great price
  6. To have recall cards printed, check out for a wide selection of multi-color postcards.
  7. To print chart and address labels in all our software products, including Optical Shop Software™ and The Dispenser™, we only recommend the Dymo Labelwriter series. A great place to purchase this item is from You can also purchase labels here, too, such as the standard 1.125" x 3.5" address label and 2-1/8"x 2-3/4" Diskette Labels (used mostly in The Dispenser). To see all available labels for the Dymo Labelwriter click here!

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By using any of our software demos you accept this limited license. You will not sell, decompile or in any way try to determine the code or techniques used to create any of these software solutions. To do so is a violation of the copyright, and damages can be assessed by a court of law for any breach of this agreement! There are no implied warranties or guarantees with this demo, or with any of our purchased software products. MedDB, LLC is not responsible for any damages or loss of income caused by using any of our software products. These works are copyrighted and protected by applicable law! Do not download any demos if you disagree with this software license! Click here to get to our download page!

PracticeMaker®5.5 FAQs

Add a new user or provider Add a single time slot to Appointments
Change your ZTerm settings Create a new schedule
Expand your payment report Export to a text file
Format Avery 5160 in the Forms module Create a form letter for Patients
Install PracticeMaker Plug-ins Mac/Windows Create mailing labels or postcards
Post a "Non-sufficient finds" charge Recover files when you receive an error
Point PracticeMaker client to Office Startup Reprint Patient Statements
Set a module to multi-user Submit electronic claims with ZTerm
Print proof of timely claim submission Update PracticeMaker Files
Use Overpayment or Credit

PracticeMaker®5.5 Manual