WindowUtility™ plugin for FileMaker Pro®

Available for both Macintosh and Windows platforms

The features on BOTH platforms include:

*on hosted solutions you must rename the window before you call these functions!

These features are specifically available on the Windows platform:

Downloads and License Purchases

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Demo Downloads

The WindowUtility™ package contains the plug-in, as well as our demonstration/instructional database to help you get started.

To purchase a full version, use the links below, or contact MedDB at 888-822-6332 (U.S. Only) or 215-364-2676. All purchases are made using PayPal!

Developer's License Purchases

A Developer's license allows for unlimited users, and distribution in locked solutions.

Windows Platform License 32-bit $350.00
Mac Platform License 32-bit $350.00
Cross-Platform License
Cross Platform v4.x 64-bit
-New License-
Windows only v4.x 64-bit
-New License-
Macintosh only v4.x 64-bit
-New License-