Plugins for FileMaker Pro®

Available for both Macintosh and Windows

We have been creating plugins for the FileMaker community since 2001. Our current plugins are cross platform compatible and FileMaker Pro 11 ready. All of our plug-ins are used extensively with each of our commercially available solutions, which mean they go through extensive use and updating!

WindowUtility™ (v3.6x PC & v3.5x Mac 32 bit, v4.x 64bit )

WindowUtility™ has over 50 great features to give you control over FileMaker windows, the PC application window, and the PC system tray to enhance the user experience. 32 and 64 bit versions are available, as are upgrades for current licensed developers!

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Timeout™ is used to force the exiting of a FileMaker record after a preset time delay, and protect vital information from prying eyes! You can force a script to run when a windows goes to the background, such as exiting a record.

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SetPrinter™ is used to automatically change printers to that which is selected for the current print job. The PC version is full featured, while the Mac version is less robust features.

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This plugin is no longer supported because of FileMaker's built-in dialogs and the use of pop-overs for custom user interactive dialogs.


CalendarFM™ is a "small footprint" versatile single/dual calendar plugin that can gave any solution a professional look. There is also a built-in Time Dialog allowing users to specifically change the time in selected fields.

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CalculatorFM™ is a straightforward pop-up calculator that can enhance any solution requiring users to calculate custom amounts.

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